Ribbon Wrapped Bangles - DIY Idea

DIY grosgrain ribbon and silk ribbon wrapped bangles with padlock and chain bracelet inspired by Gemma Redux
- DIY Gift Idea -

or Upcycle Old Gifts

This is sort of two DIY projects morphed into one. Part one is taking the same easy technique to create the DIY grosgrain ribbon napkin rings but transferring it to old bangles possibly collecting dust some place. See the tutorial here. The bangle all the way on the bottom is wrapped the same way only this time with raw silk ribbon.

Part two is stacking them, looping a chunky chain bracelet through and a tiny padlock to hold everything together. Inspiration for this part coming from Gemma Redux (love so many of their pieces!). Thinking Nancy Cunard would approve.
Stacl of DIY bangle bracelets with a chain bracelet and tiny padlock inspired by Gemma Redux

Bangles: Vintage
Embellishment: antique shoe buckle
Chain bracelet: Dyrberg/Kern
Lock: vintage gold diary padlock

Image: mam for Gave That


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