DIY Crystal Bangle Bracelets

Make your own crystal bangle bracelets inspired by Juicy Couture really easily

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Another really easy DIY project! This time to make these simple crystal bangle bracelets. Here's how:
Plain bangle bracelet before on the right and finished crystal bangle on the left using silk floss and rhinestone chain or stretch bracelet full tutorial here
What You Will Need:
- Silk embroidery floss
- Rhinestone chain or any stretch crystal bracelet (either the same or slightly smaller width compared to your bangle(s))
- Bangle bracelet(s)
- Glue (such as e6000, Crazy or Gorilla glue) Wrapping the silk floss around the rhinestone chain and hoop bangle between the crystals
How To Do It:
Taking your bangle bracelet run a bead of glue all the way around (gloves may come in handy) and attach your rhinestone chain all the way around or stretching a stretchy crystal bracelet over the bangle. Let glue set according to its label instructions.

Next, taking the silk floss start wrapping it once or twice in between each of the crystals and tie and knot once you've done the whole circumference of the bangle. Snip ends and you're done!

The finished DIY yellow silk wrapped crystal bangles with a purple beaded wrap bracelet

Image: mam for Gave That


Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for this post--it is so clear and is just what I was looking for.
Gave That said…
So happy to hear this LeAnne, thank you!

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