DIY Plant Terrarium

Making your own planted terrariums

- DIY Gift Idea -

This is another simply DIY project that can make a pretty nifty gift or, centerpiece, especially with three together at the table. Here's how to create your very own terrariums:

Materials Needed:

- Plants (Try to look for ones that do not have leaves or flowers that drop as this can cause mold and rot. Also look for ones that stay relatively miniature and do not have vines or rapid growth. Some good examples are mosses, miniature ferns, Peperomias, and air plants. Here I'm using some of my faves, little hen's & chicks)
- Charcoal (found in the aquarium section of pet stores)
- Potting soil
- Stones &/or pebbles
- Fresh growing mosses
- A glass jar with or without a lid

How To Do It:

Start by cleaning the container very well and making sure there are no chemical residue left on the glass. Using a paper tube, the charcoal can form the first layer at the bottom. This helps keep the water clean. Then the stones can come next and then a thin layer of dirt. On top the moss should form a thick mat and that could be a complete garden but others plants can be added too towards the center. Add a little bit of water and that's it. If there is a lid every once in a while take it off to let fresh air inside. It's also best to keep terrariums out of full direct sun because plants can become fried. With these terrariums I've been able to grow little ferns and even miniature African violets which are usually a real challenge to grow because of how quickly they dry out from indoor heat.

How to create your own decorative planted terrariumMaking your own planted terrariums DIY gift project

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Sarah said…
I have never given a gift of a plant before (as i normally make cookies) but i love this idea. Thanks!

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