Wrapping Gifts Through Time

Gift wrapping and presents through time a little history by Marie starting out with Rococo decadence
- Part I -

Last year a little after Christmas the thought came to mind, how did gifts look back in time? That's when the research started and I knew what I wanted to do this Christmas. Try to recreate the essence and feel of gifts past. Helping immensely has been the amazing Cherchez owner Milo Ohrbach through her books and Eric Hart, the assistant props master at the Public Theater in New York City.

A decadent time seemed a fun place to start and it almost feels as if we've come full circle in that respect. During a good period of time things become a little dull (lot's and lot's of brown paper or none at all) but during the hay day of Marie Antoinette so many decorative crafts came to life. Paper Tole and découpage on hat boxes. Lots of silk and velvet ribbons, tassels, enameled boxes, flowers that would open in your tea cup and ones that were beaded, wax seals and feathers. So this is the beginning... lot's of fun ahead!

Decoupage hat boxes and gifts with tasselsMarie Antoinette inspired gift wrapEnamel egg gift box

To see all the eras recreated click to see the full series here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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