Pumpkin Spice Coffee Break

Pumpkin Spice Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffee break pumpkin carving party

Playing around with pumpkins and this seemed the perfect thing to serve everyone during a break... limited edition Pumpkin Spice coffee. It happens to also be one of the few fair trade coffees out there too so I was really pleased to give this a try today. The smell alone made it worth brewing but the almost creamy, pumpkin pie flavor was the real treat. Pure Autumn heaven swirling with milk and sugar in a cup!

Bags of pumpkin Spice Fair Trade Green Mountain CoffeesCup of Pumpkin Spice fair trade coffee a day of playing with pumpkins

Stocking up to dole out during Christmas? You bet!

Fair trade coffee: Green Mountain Coffee c/o Bzzagent
Cups & saucers: Jason Miller Seconds

Image: mam for Gave That


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