DIY Decanter Bottle Labels

DIY Liquor Decanter Bottle Tags Labels for Guests Hostess GiftDIY Decanter Labels with Vintage Decanter LabelsDIY with Vintage glass decanter bottle labels

- DIY Gift Idea -

Something gleaned from a steady diet of old films... silver trays topped with crystal decanter bottles always look so pretty, even when empty and especially on top of guest room dressers. After finding a few vintage decanter bottle tags months ago the search was on for how to make a few more. Then it dawned on me the embellishments used on these DIY floral oils would also work just dandy.

Really simple, all you need are some miniature picture frames (the scrapbooking section is plum for these), long enough chain (8 inches works great) and some golden parchment paper. These were printed out but one could only imagine how special calligraphy by hand would make these. Trace, using the circular film or card backing as a guide and cut out the label. Pop it inside the frame and your done!

Image: mam for Gave That


Kyle Kalman said…
These are really cool! Such a great idea for a Do-It-Yourself gift!

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