Lacy Ears

Maison Miche inspired lace bunny ears gift topperMaison Miche inspired lace mickey mouse ears gift topperDIY Maison Miche inspired lace bunny ears gift wrap

Resistance was futile when I saw Julie Newmar wearing kitty versions of the Maison Miche lacy ears recently at the comic convention, talk about purrfection.

Make your own Maison Miche inspired lace ears

The most obvious way to go about doing this yourself would probably be with actual lace and black pipe cleaners but since these are gift toppers, these were created on a transparency, cut out and a sharpie used to create the outline. Then they were simply glued to the top of the gift box. Once unwrapped, I'm popping these on a headband and keeping it going.

Transparencies and a printer
A lacy design image
A pair of scissors
A black sharpie marker or black paint
Some double sided tape or glue dots

Print your black lacy design on your transparency. Allow to dry and then draw on the black outline. Using small scissors jaggedly cut out each ear. Leave room at the bottom of the transparency to fold it backwards. Use a glue dot or tape to attach it to the top of your gift or a headband.

For all of my other gift wrap looks and DIY projects all in one place see the blogs gift wrap inspiration area here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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