Petal Pouf

mam for gift wrap blog gave that me holding a vintage wrapped giftAnthropologie fabric flowers Petal Pouf baggave that vintage floral tissue paper wrapped gift with fabric chrysanthemums

Puffy chrysanthemums' formed out of layers of calico fabrics have been popping up everywhere. On the lapels of jackets and sweaters, at the toes of shoes and on bags like the one above from Anthropologie. Until I get the time to DIY a few myself, I was reminded of the vintage flower pouf that came attached to a pleated scarf. Done with pinking shears, it propped itself on top of some vintage floral tissue paper and sheer black ribbon. What I like the most is these chrysanthemums' are usually in the form of pins making your gift wrap thoroughly reusable for years to come. More of these soon.
mam for gave that vintage tissue paper wrapped fabric flower wrapped gift box

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Image: Magda for Gave That | Anthropologie | mam for Gave That


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