Folk Egg Boxes

mam for gift wrap blog gave that MOR Australia egg shaped gift wrapped soapsmam for gave that MOR gift wrapped soaps in Cornucopia and Hespera

Today was one of the first days of the year that gave an inkling that spring was actually on the horizon. Little things like birds singing and the window being open all day are so very welcome yet still fleeting.

Things like Cadbury Creme Egg's come to mind too! That's probably why I've been noticing so many things coming deliciously wrapped in eggs lately. These happen to be a few soaps from MOR but I've seen ones by others as well. The thing about MOR is the soaps inside are just as on par as the wrappings themselves and everything I've experienced from them has been very classic. Cornucopia is grassy green and Hespera is surprisingly masculine in a green sort of way as well. Both make the perfect keepsake boxes afterwords.

Soaps by MOR in Cornucopia & Garden of Hespera
Hand painted egg box from Thailand

Image: mam for Gave That


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