Swedish Fjäderbrev Feather Wax Seals

mam for gift wrap blog gave that red wax Swedish feather seals on presentmam for gave that red glitter wax seal and red feather gift look

Something about Christmas always makes me think of red wax seals. Ring the alarm! They've been peppered about the site often but some yet to be seen are these Fjäderbrev styled ones. Using a feather underneath a wax seal was an early AIR MAIL stamp in 18th to early 19th century Sweden. I personally think it adds a Gothic touch to parcels. For how these and many of my quick wax seals are made (hint, no actual sealing wax is used) see the little video below:

Image: MAM for Gave That | VIDEO: Camera work by Magda

For more ways to wrap your presents see my gift wrap ideas page here.


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