Going Vintage

mam for gift blog gave that vintage gift wraps

Having a massive case of the VT's (vintage tremors from lack of antiquing) at the moment. It's getting pretty bad. So bad that I went to digging through past finds to get the feel of discovering neat things. It actually sort of worked... sort of, here are the random shots of proof.

Up first, an all time favorite, gift wrapping papers! The 60's never cease to amaze me.
mam for decoration blog gave that alcohol decanter name plates

Silver name tags used on alcohol decanter bottles.
mam for gave that miniature bottles of liquorsmam for gave that miniature bar

A miniature bar of antique liquor bottles.
mam for gave that English egg coddler

Coddle those eggs! One of the sweetest vintage gifts ever someone near and dear gave me last year. Thank you luv!
mam for gave that mens fragrance bottles

Men use to have the best cologne and aftershave bottles back then.
mam for gave that lady like bag with bicycles

Loving all of the lady like bags coming out for spring... the bone shakers on this vintage one made me nab it.

One of the reasons I adore vintage and antique gifts so much is how, quite often, I have no idea what the heck it is let alone how it's used. Lots of research and then I find out it's something I needed badly. Coddled eggs coming soon, promise! See part 2 here.

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Image: mam for Gave That


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