DIY Origami Snowflake Gift Bows

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One day while shuffling things around I peeked under the lid of an old cigar box and found it filled with past Origami projects. The one I remember enjoying to do the most were these snowflake, star shaped ornaments. I had to dissect one slightly because the book I had with step by step instructions is with someone else now but these are deceptively easy... to prove this I made a video below... what you'll need:

- 8 sheets of Origami or square pieces of paper (here I'm using miniature origami sheets, next I want to try velum and mulberry papers)
- Glue
- Glue dots and/or adhesive tape (here I'm using Elmer's glue dots and glue stick)
- Decorative edged scissors (here I've used Deckle edged ones)
- A sticker, gem, button or something decorative for the center.

Watch this video for how to fold the above Origami gift bow:

Later, although these were in an Origami book, I found another term for this folding technique called Teabag Folding which was more recently created to make use of the fancy packets tea comes in. Clever!

For more ways to wrap your presents see my gift wrap ideas page here.

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Image: MAM for Gave That | VIDEO: Camera work by Magda


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