Dried Flowers & Fruits

mam for gift wrap blog gave that dried flowers gift wrap style

Having a blog really is so much about creating a home... the main area is this welcoming foyer. Please do come in! Stay a while. Throughout links are little doors to other rooms. I'm bringing this up now because the foyer may seem a little quiet this week and that's because I'm off in one of the other rooms wrapping away. The gift wrapping room here. There are so many gift looks I want to try, create, style, photograph, pop up until the area is overflowing.

Here are a few of the latest using the bounty of fall's dried flowers and fruits, raffia and some recycled papers embedded with pressed herbs. See more here as I add more and more for the holidays.
mam for gift wrap blog gave that gift wrap style with dried orange wheels money plant dried leaves raffia bowmam for gift wrap blog gave that dried flowers on gift box
>> For more gift wrap style looks see my wrapping page here!

Image: MAM for Gave That


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