Whooga, Whooga!

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Wearing my new Whooga boots which are so very soft and cozy. New England cold is quite often brutal and boots like these are an absolute life (toe) saver. They've also been, oddly enough, some of my most well received gifts! Michael was so very sweet to send me a pair to show you and wants me to let you all know that Whooga is running a series of contests to win a free pair of boots! Simply sign up for Whooga's mailing list at their website &/or follow on twitter. Thank you Michael!

Boots: Whooga Black Tall Boots
Bag: FEED 2 Bag

Image: MAM & Magda for Gave That


Unknown said…
whoogaboots love this ,congrats:)
pls come to my blog and ply my music box pls:)
Kira Aderne said…
The best boots in the world!!!a
Gave That said…
Full agree with you guys!

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