They're Multiplying

Magda for gave that Alex Ani bracelets on Mariemam for gave that Alex Ani friendship bracelets in gift bagMagda for gave that alex ani charm friendship braceletsFriendship bracelets by Alex & Ani

Image: Magda & MAM for Gave That


Anonymous said…
Wow, these are SO beautiful and delicate! Warm colors along with the gold are perfect for fall. I want them!!!!
Gave That said…
Yes, yes you must have at least one! They're so comfortable and do not dig into my wrists. It's so hard finding comfortable bracelets (in my case) so it's been all love with these. One of my most worn pieces of jewelry and they are so easy to give too. Wishing you much peace, M
that would make a great cristmas gift for many different people.

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