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mam for gave that antique book and love letter postcards
"Soulmate seeking! Can you go through life and never really find one?"

This is one of those times where mixed feelings were creating those little moments where a devil is perched on one shoulder and an angel on the other. Should I or shouldn't I, mixed feeling # 1. Since this is a true story too fantastic not to share I've decided to do it here and now...

Old love letters are delicious through and through so when someone (who shall remain nameless) bought a bunch of 30 year old vintage novels it was a juicy surprise to find a little something, something waiting inside. A picture postcard to be exact covered in black scribbles. At first we discounted it as the usual "wish you were here" notes between teachers (they seem to have had all the fun around here) but no!. This was much more in a heart sinking sort of way and even a tad twisted.

In short someone gave someone else a novel on Soul mates only to have said book returned to them with a "Dear John" letter stuck inside! Mixed feeling # 2, talk about the ultimate returned gift. Mixed feeling # 3, one almost feels envious that an everyday sort received something so passionate, painful as it must have been. The unaddressed, unsigned letter tucked inside reads:
Finished the book. [name of book]. Soulmate seeking! Can you go through life and never really find one? I'm convinced that one can really be in a situation in which partners just keep going but don't know why. Probably from not knowing what use there is to put joy in life. Stagnate. Wanting more - afraid to step ahead, afraid to leave behind - attitudes.

I'm not a very good soulmate. Bringing unhappiness to others and myself. It's a lonely existence. Why go on? Someday - a different time and place - a time to do it again. I'll be someone else. Thanks for loving me. It's the fork in the road. What if?

Love me forever, even secretly - it helps me dream.

mam for gave that antique books and love letter postcards

Something to think about on so many levels.

Image: MAM for Gave That


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