Audiophile — Headphone ed.

mam for audio technica headphones

Pictured: Rojas jacket + my favorite long trip companion Audio-Technica "ATH-ANC7b" headphones + Gryson bag + Vintage gloves
mam for gave that Audio-Technica and Steve Aoki's Dim Mak wesc headphones noise canceling what I gave my DJ

Pictured: A pile of favorites including DJ approved Audio-Technica "ATH-Pro700"
mam for gave that Audio-Technica headphones

Pictured: Old school fat Bose like Audio-Technica "ART Ath-A700 Monitor"

Taking a break from the earbuds for a while and it seems like everyone else wants to as well. For more see my past wishlist post here.

Image: MAM for GaveThat


Anonymous said…
What a great selection of high end headphones! I've never been too impressed with those Bose-oh noise canceling headphones. These look like what the studio pros use not someone 65 years old sitting in their living room. Forgive me for that.

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