Encore Versace Art Unite at Gilt Tue 12/22/09

Versace Art Unite Tote at Gilt GroupeI wanted to give a quick heads up to everyone who missed out last time that the Versace Art Unite tote bag collection will be going on sale again this Tuesday, December 22nd online at 12pm EST on Gilt Groupe. This is the only authorized online venue selling these limited editions bags (also find them now in Versace boutiques).

A collaboration between Donatella Versace and the Whitney Museum of American Art's education department, 100% of proceeds from each bag sold will be donated to the Starlight Children's Foundation and the China One Foundation which helps children who have been the victim of natural disasters. The images on the bags were also created by children from these causes. Making each one-of-a-kind. $250.

Be sure to set your alarm and get in fast as these bags sold out extremely quickly (within the hour) last time.

Update: Gilt groupe is having these gorgeous bags again this Wed., April 28th 2010. For more information click here.

Image: Gilt Groupe

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