Fiona Paxton

mam for gave that Fiona Paxton copper necklace
[Fiona Paxton copper hued necklace over my E. V. Day ADAM x Whitney Museum Tee]

Fiona Paxton was one of those jewelry designers who caught my eye immediately a couple of years ago. Her pieces seemed so refreshing yet very familiar in a Native American wampum belt sort of way. Loom beading turned into another form of wearable art. Cascading chains... heavy duty heirloom yet these necklaces are so delicate I am a little scared to over wear (or wear at all). A lot of lookalikes out there too but none seemed to feel quite right.

mam for gave that Fiona Paxton necklace over ADAM Whitney museum shirt
PS, yes sadly much too delicate to ever wear or even display.
Image: MAM for Gave That


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