ADAM x Ellen Harvey x EV DAY for the Whitney Museum

ADAM x Whitney Shirt

The light has really failed me today. You know those days that are otherwise gorgeous and have a tantalizing blue sky but the light seems trapped in the upper hemisphere and never quite reaches you in this black forest like setting. That's been this week and how inconvenient because I have so many incredible things to show you.

One being this new collaboration between ADAM (Adam Lippes) and Ellen Harvey benefiting the Whitney museum. Evidently limited to 1000 pieces mine is number 195. You can get yours here at the Whitney online shop or by stopping into the museums gift shop. Three pleasant surprises: the shirts are made in the USA. There are actual patches sewn onto Harvey's shirt (from the pictures it looked screen printed) and lastly, the Suprima cotton fabric feels out of this world. It could be mistaken for silk. Nice job Mr. Lippes.
ADAM Loves The Whitney

I also got the E. V. Day designed shirt as well and it's equally luscious. One or both might make an appearance on me here at the blog. In the mean time this is to wet your appetite for clothing doubling as art and a fun way to support living American artists through the Whitney.

Image: MAM for Gave That


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