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Charity Finds

Hunter boots have teamed up with Charity | Water to create the Water Aid Charity Welly, £60.00 seen above. Find them at TopShop.

Check out the All Time Low - Circle Light Blue T-Shirt *Shirts For A Cure Charity*, $21.99 created by punk bands to fight breast cancer.

H.E.L.P. has created the Comfort Food online store filled with chocolate gifts including sea salt turtles and mini towers. Proceeds benefit H.E.L.P. USA's goals to empower the homeless and others in need to become self-reliant. From $10. to $55. As seen in Seventeen.

The American Cancer Society has created The Hope Shop, filled with Give Twice gift ideas including our favorite Hope Lodge Eco Sling Bag, $15.00 and the CELEBRATE HOPE Friendship Bracelet, $10.00. The whole store is very worth perusing at length.

During these hot summer months in the New England North it's a sea of polo shirts... make yours more meaningful by checking out the Pink Pony collection by Ralph Lauren such as this cute, Slim-Fit Striped Pony Tee, $115.00 with 10% percent of proceeds from Pink Pony products benefiting the Pink Pony Fund for breast cancer.

philosophy has done it yet again! Inspired by the joyful heart 3-in-1 charity shower gel, philosophy created the joyful heart candle, $22.00. 100% of philosophy's net proceeds from the sale of the joyful heart candle will be donated to the Joyful Heart Foundation, helping support victims of sexual assault.

The Ethical Style blog features the, Alex & Chloe for Human Rights Campaign necklace, now available for purchase, $59.00.

Do you know about a company or gift idea that gives back to a good cause? If so drop us a line here at or twitter it to us @gavethat so we can feature it in an upcoming post .


The Fab Giver said…
I LOVE your "Give Twice" posts! They are such great ideas...especially since they give back! Earlier in the month, I featured your blog on my site, as a fellow supporter of fabulous giving!

Definitely keep it up...I'm a fan!

Gave That said…
Hi there Karyn,
Thank you so much for leaving this and for featuring Gave That at your site, which by the way, I LOVE! Tons there I have not seen before so I am going to add you to our links area and also link to your posts here.

You keep it up too luv--fantastic job already!

Wishing you much peace,

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