Gift Shopping: New York Botanical Gardens x Lunt Silversmiths

Lunt Silversmiths X New York Botanical Gardens Tiered Silver-plate Server

American consumers are making one point very loud and clear as of late. Make it quality and make it American made because, after all, if you're going to throw your hard earned funds into the economy... you really want to throw it right into the US economy. This seems to be a major trend for 2009 although as can be seen by my past searches for simple bracelets and baskets, it can be a real ordeal.

One way to make the search a little easier is to seek out museum gift shops. When curated with great care these shops usually offer pieces from local artisans and handcrafted pieces done in small runs. One that has been recently created on a larger scale is the collection by one of America's longest running silversmiths, Greenfield, Massachusetts based Lunt and our beloved New York Botanical Gardens. Even better you can shop it online in their gift shop so that each piece can be ready at your fingertips when that wedding invitation comes a'calling.

Editors Picks

Tiered Silver-plate Server created to look so rustic and unpretentious. It's perfect for making breakfast special and making up for not venturing to Paris or Rome this year. I'm always on the lookout for these and this one is so different with the little bird sitting on top who, no doubt, will be eying your flaky pastries. $225.
Lunt Silversmiths X New York Botanical Gardens Collection

"This silver Pagoda Lantern, $275 must shine brilliantly when lit and would be perfect for that intimate summer dinner outside. This Bird Cocktail shaker looks so Maltese Falcon even though I think it's a pigeon, $95. Pomegranate Paperweight's anyone? They have been "in" for some time, pomegranate's that is, and this one looks like a miniature piece of art, $60. The Plover Tray just looks like an instant heirloom, $288."

Image: New York Botanical Gardens


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