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New Beauty reviews MD Skincare Detox VS Heidi Klum The Spring Look 2009 Unconditional Love

* MD Skincare Detox Duo, Beauty In: Toxins Out Natural Beauty Collection: While this seems like a somewhat strange gift to give... please hear me out here. It isn't as medical as it sounds. This new series of products by Dr. Dennis Gross caught my eye for a few key reasons, some of which are rather regional.

The major reason was the need for some quality bath salts that weren't the humdrum mixture of Epsom and synthetic fragrance fillers. The other was the emphasis MD Skincare places on building chelator's into many of their products. Here in the north east we are known for having very hard water filled with impurities that gunk up your skin and even lead to inflammation. A major cause of aging to skin. The third reason was somewhat unexpected. This set is now a must give thanks to how incredible it smells. Something not really expressed in the product information.

Namely I'm talking about the Botanical Bar with Tea Tree & Aloe, $24 and the Purifying Bath Crystals, the latter of which is part of the new special set, about $50. Both have the most luscious, fresh orange scent going and it just dawned on me how much the scent reminds me of the long discontinued Comptior Sud Kumquat and John Varvatos' Artisan. Very light with dead sea and Himalayan salts and herbaceous thanks to lavender, anise, orange, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin oils, this really gets you going in the morning and is completely unisex. If only Dr. Gross could bottle the scent and sell it as a perfume. One can wish. In the mean time I'll continue with the set at hand which so far has gone over very well and won rave reviews for softening skin and getting kinks out of muscles.

* The Spring Look Makeup Set by Heidi Klum: This lovely makeup gift set came by way of New York Post blogger Danica Lo of the fantastic Hi Lo, thank you so much Danica! Despite being a Victoria's Secret VIP I've yet to try any of Heidi Klum's cosmetic offerings and I wanted to cover it here because I was surprised at how gift worthy this brand new set is.

First, I was somewhat surprised at the nature of the set. Instead of it being a kit created by Victoria's Secret super model Heidi Klum it is actually a recreation of the exact colors used by makeup artist Linda Hay on Heidi for last years Academy Awards. This essentially can mean tough luck for anyone who hasn't a similar complexion and hair color to Ms. Klum. All of the colors found in the collection are very subtle and obviously chosen to show up on a bisque canvas. My hope is Victoria's Secret and Heidi will come up with more of a range of colors because the makeup in the collection is actually rather impressive.

The standout in the collection had to be the sheer lip gloss in Blush. Not as sticky as their Beauty Rush line of popular glosses, Heidi's Blush gloss seems infused with some sort of peppermint oil to add a little plumping to your pout. Nice touch! The eyeshadow quad comes with an actual brush for a very soft look and the mascara, in blackest black, goes on very glossy. Best of all the set comes in a lovely padded white makeup case which includes a large hand mirror inside and a card giving you step-by-step directions on how to recreate Heidi's red carpet look. The set retails for $49. at VS online and in certain retail locations.

* philosophy - unconditional love: One always has to give it to philosophy for creating lovely gifts thanks to their poetic bottle designs. Just read the sweet label for the companies latest fragrance offering Unconditional Love:

"...when the call comes you know. you see all people and all living things as beacons of light and they see you as the same. together you love and together you transform. it is a divine journey to the highest and the best parts of who you are and why you are here. your age becomes your ally. with each day and each act of love you become more beautiful than the day before. you have unconditionally arrived realizing the love you sought was the love you already owned"

That in itself is so swoon worthy -and enough to make you ignore the pesky lack of capitalizing- you almost do not even care what the scent is. Just let me give it! Bravo philosophy! Still it's the scent that brings people to each specific product and this latest release is rather mysterious. philosophy simply likens unconditional love's scent to their falling in love only deeper and with, "an abundance of fruity notes and the warmth of cashmere vanilla". This of course tells you next to nothing by perfume snob standards.

As soon as I slathered the fluffy cream on I was, well, somewhat shocked and even now I'm still not sure if the sensation was a pleasant or revolting one. It was odd. The first note, if you can call it that, was one of vitamin C as in ascorbic acid... my nose wrinkled a tad. After a while that was drowned out in what seemed like strawberries, purple violets, bubblegum and all out sticky sweetness. This is an amplified gourmand on a sugar high and you know what? The end result is something rather comforting. It's also light enough for spring and summer wear.

Perfume in general is so hard to give but if you know a philosophy or falling in love addict this new scent can be something to cherish and a nice change of pace. At the moment they do not have a gift set version but I highly recommend bundling the bath gel (a lighter scent) $22., body cream $32., and perfume, $40., together for one swell treat. Include a bouquet of dried lavender and you'll really have something special.

Image: MD Skincare, Victoria's Secret, philosophy

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