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Satisfied by Kim Yarson - 2008 Recorded in Nashville, TN, Yarson does things her own way as a singer-songwriter. Her music is rooted in folk storytelling but is refreshing in her way of making ordinary experiences seem poetic. Yarson pulls from her experience as a woman of many faces: wife, mother, friend, lover all woven into a seamless tapestry of lyrics which allow you to know her aspirations apart from her music style. Standout cuts include, Expectation Vacation and Butterfly. Having seen Yarson in an acoustic concert, I can say that the polish of a recording studio doesn't outshine her natural ability to communicate effectively with her audience. Check her out at

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GO by the Newsboys - 2006 After long hiatus, this was the result of some productive time off and reflection. The Newsboys have never rocked harder, returning to their roots in serious guitar riffs and gutsy vocals. Frontman, Peter Furler spoke at a press conference which I attended at the Revelation Generation Concert. He mentioned how expensive studio time was back in the day and would find himself writing lyrics to the next track between takes just to fit everything in. Their Go tour, which we caught last summer, has circled the globe with a stage show every bit as techno-stunning as the Backstreet Boys'.
These are musicians who are Christians with something to say but cuts like Shine & Gonna Be Alright can easily crossover to music that has a positive message of hope; not necessarily religious. Its just well done is all. Breakouts from the CD include: Something Beautiful, I am Free and Secret Kingdom. Visit them online at:

Music for Guitar Lovers - Pete Hankinson & The Stringed Edition - 2008 Imagine a band of solid guitar players. Guitars of every size and class. Then you will have The Stringed Edition. Pete Hankinson is perhaps best known for his invention of the Chromatic Watch which uses musical intervals in place of the ordinals on your watch. He's not only a brilliant inventor but a highly skilled musician as can be heard on this CD. They come right out of the chute with a very well done, cool jazz standard, "Watch What Happens" . The mix takes off from there with many side trips to different genres from classical Spanish to a surprising rock lead. If you are a guitar lover, you will definite appreciate the variety of styles represented on this CD. Contact Pete Hankinson direct at (716) 694-1176.

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