5 Wedding Gifts You Need To Use Now

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When you read about Puff Daddy Sean Combs and the House of Windsor having to make cutbacks you know you've got to get smart too. The thing is cutbacks don't have to rob you of every little joy in your life. Now in fact is the time to start savoring and using those wedding gifts because they're starting to actually feel like, well... gifts.

Use what you've got and you won't need what you've not! -Phileas Fogg
Chances are you have some pretty nifty, yet overlooked, wedding gifts that can do wonders for your life right now... all the while saving you money. Heck, I've never been married and I have them so let's get going:

The Gifts You Need To Take out Of Mothballs Right Now

Espresso Maker - Save $1,000.
I don't know about your local coffee shop but the ones that are around me hire dancers, Broadway actor hopefuls and designers to be their barista's. None of them went to any sort of school and have confided in me how easy of a job it is. So I figure if they can do it, so can I. Recently Cosmopolitan magazine reported that you can save over $1,000. a year by making your own coffee creations at home. Now is the time to dig out that new-in-box espresso maker and get it working. Even better buy Starbucks coffee (or another specially house brand) and check out Target for flavored syrups (in coffee section) so your coffee mimics the pricey daily fix.

Crockpot (Slow Cooker) - Cut Food Costs By 50%
Recently the web has been ablaze with people searching for slow cooker recipes, information and reviews. All for good reason as many are starting to discover what a disadvantage not having a kitchen in that cold water flat really is. One survey estimates that many Americans spend around 47% of their food budget eating out. Cooking at home is, in most cases, going to be far more economical and a way to put that percentage back into your pocket. Even better, a slow cooker is like having a kitchen built into one little machine. My favorite model? The original Crockpot brand with digital display is by far one of the best and most reliable. We've made everything from incredibly tender pot roast to enchiladas and any soap or strew you can imagine. With the slow cooking nature of the machine you'll be able to set it in the morning and come home to a sumptuous meal and, even better, your chance of burning your dish and wasting food is pretty low.

Candles - Saves Your Sense Of Luxury
Energy bills can have a real drain on your monthly budget and until the sun starts shinning well into 9 o'clock it can be hard to make significant cutbacks in this area. Start digging around for all of those decorative candles you were gifted and start using them pronto. The effect will be two fold. One they'll make you feel like you're splurging even in a little way. That's why upscale restaurants, hotels, spas lay out all those tea lights. The other benefit is the cut back on your energy bill. Every little bit can help. Especially during long baths, dinners together and watching movies on the couch. They're also perfect during parties and for dimming the lights on any imperfections in your decor. Just make sure they don't have lead hiding in them [learn more in our past piece, Do Your Candles Have Lead In Them?].

Pinini Sandwich Maker - Save $7+ per Day
You might feel a little old to be seen bringing a cheese or peanut butter sandwich with you to work but how about one of those crunchy, toasted Pinini's? The combination of ingredients is almost limitless and the luxe factor is certainly there. They also make your lunch totally portable and, depending on how you make them, they can be a healthy alternative to fast food which usually encourages you to buy extras like soda and fries.

Cloth Napkins - Save $17.+ per Month
Not only are cloth napkins picking up endorsements from the green set but they can help cut into your paper towel and napkin bills big time. Napkins are quite often one of those gifts people nowadays feel are too good to use everyday. To this, I say, you're worth it! Get then out and start using them for everyday meals. And if you're concerned about germs and how clean they are, every few days place them in the microwave (with a glass of water) for 60 seconds and they'll be totally germ free.

For everyone that isn't married and is sans these popular wedding gifts never fear! Most newlyweds find themselves blissfully possessing duplicate gifts making all of the above frequent returns and yard sale steals.

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Anonymous said…
This is priceless! Just the sort of common sense reality check we all need to tune into.
Most American homes are crammed tight with these appliances. Its time we plugged them in and started benefiting from them. I have a Mr. Coffee Expresso / Coffee maker myself and the caffiene infused treats that come out of that thing rival anything Starbucks has to offer. I save time, gas AND money brewing my own at home. Wake up people. Waste not, want not.
Gave That said…
Yes you're right and not only that but since so many people have these hidden in some closet or garage someplace, many will find people giving away these for free. Look into Freecycle.org and other websites, yardsales, junk shops, etc. I was really floored at the $1,000. savings on the coffee alone and you really will not be missing much by making it yourself at home.
Lagean Ellis said…
Great job!

About a year ago, we started buying coffee beans and roasting/grinding them. Not only do you save, but it tastes much better.
Slow cooker is a huge necessity.
Indoor grill a must have.
And so on...

I love your blog, in general. Lots of interesting stuff.
Gave That said…
Hi Gena!
That's great, thank you for adding that! When I was at a trade show I was told by an expert on coffee that once it is ground, the essential flavor oils start to evaporate quickly after coming in contact with oxygen. Processing the beans yourself when you need it is really going to provide maximum flavor. We like to give whole coffee beans too but you've really taken it to another level by roasting them yourself. I would love to learn how to do this too.

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