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Last week I found myself unexpectedly piling pieces of inspirational art into my cart and later that day giving a piece away. I have no real idea if it was their style, in fact I really do not think it was but the message was such a welcome one that they wanted to put it right up. These pieces by Minneapolis artist patchofsky, a part of her WORD OF THE DAY :: living life one word at a time series, make me smile deeply and think about all the gift giving possibilities. Art can be incredibly tricky to give but if you're looking to go there—making it something inspiring will up the chance of it being cherished.

Image: patchofsky


Marian said…
Oh i love this! what a gorge post and even more beautiful blog!
big kiss!
Gave That said…
Oh, hi Marian!! Thank you so much for leaving this, I really adore you blog so this means a lot. xoxo back your way!!!

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