Kaleidoscope : DIY Gift Projects - Pumpkin Time

In this weeks link round up we find some delicious pumpkin related posts along with lots of DIY gift idea tidbits:

If you're looking for the sort of pumpkin you eat check out these mouthwatering Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls recipe over at the Like Sprinkles on Cupcakes blog.

Over at the The Cupcake Diary learn how to create some, really pretty lace earrings. Would make a swell gift!

TONY did a really nice job of showing how to use, recycled items to wrap your gifts. Ideas include using The New York Observer's salmon colored pages, fabric among other things around the house.

In Hallmark magazine they have some great ways of, Giving and Wrapping Cookies. Also check out all of their classic cookie recipes. Homemade cookies are one of the best, cost effective gifts to give everyone.

Hallmark magazine has a 33 easy to make gift guide online as well.

Just in case you missed one of our last articles, check out the effects of pumpkin on men here (scroll all the way down once there).

We also have a really great recipe for, Pumpkin Cream Soup you might like to try.

Self magazine has a fantastic article in it's December 2008 issues by Marjorie Ingall, What Goes Around Comes Around which is all about turning this holiday season into a giving (for the greater good) one. Be sure to also read their tips on How To Be A Good Giver and links to Giving Vacations. This is something Gave That will be covering soon as well.

I was really impressed with the December 2008 issue of Country Home Magazine and their Finishing Touches spread (which you can see online) showing how to use vintage items in your gift design. I especially like the buttons and broach in place of more traditional ribbon bows idea. Very inspirational.

Stephanie Earp over at AOL wrote a really cute article about, sending Christmas holiday cards but not finding any in your mailbox. She gets great advice from Canada's miss manners!


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