Style Muse : flickr Gift Pool Pick

If you have great gift style and you want to inspire others at Gave That upload it here to flickr and it could be our next style muse pick.
Our gift style muse this week is dmmalva who creates these amazing decorated boxes! There is much inspiration here. If you rather go green with your gift wrap this year why not be like dmmalva and use ephemera or cuttings from magazines? Glue them to the outside of your gift box and away you go.


Anonymous said…
That is absolutely beautiful. I am working on something special for my fiancé... if it comes out well, maybe I will add it to the collection. :)

~ Kristi
Gave That said…
It sure is! Each one dmmalva creates is amazing... I think it's the size of a matchbox but I've had many full sized ones given to me over the years and have saved them all. It's like having two gifts in one.

I'm sure your box will come out lovely and please do consider adding it to the pool or sending in a picture. I would love to publish your art here and share it with everyone.

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