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Back in April of this year I posted about a series of gift guides and features we would be posting called, "The Recession Proof Gifts Guide". You better believe we are right on track with tons of articles starting this week on this pressing subject.

As things have taken a dramatic turn it's important that people not panic or even make drastic decisions such as there will be no holidays this year!. Instead when things get tough it's important to get planning. Even though the holidays are many weeks away, now is the time to make crucial decisions and start acting on formulated plans.

Let's bring the focus back on reconnecting with loved ones, being thankful, giving back and spreading good cheer. All classic spirits of the holidays which, in many cases, require no money to be spent. All thoughout the coming weeks will show you how to do just that and more.

Click here for the Recession Proof Gifts Guide

(April 2008)
After seeing The Complete Tightwad Gazette book on our Mother's Day special (25 Books Your Mom Secretly Wants) post it's clear that the US's current recession, exploding gas prices and rising food costs (see Sam's Clubs / Walmarts limits on buying rice) have fully taken over peoples minds. Has green taken a back seat? Major media doesn't think so and continues to focus on this latest trend. Americans on the other hand are talking about other things including ways to cut back even more. What many don't realise is trimming the fat and being green can go hand in hand. Such as growing a garden and eating healthier while helping to cut down on the need for food to be trucked in. Riding a bicycle or walking instead of using a car. Giving gifts that are truly meaningful instead of buying many filler gifts in an attempt to awe.

"The Social Season will bring numerous opportunities to give unique gifts. We'll show you how without going broke or becoming a hermit."

In this ongoing series is going to tackle the question of giving and living well in a time of recession. This includes making and finding gifts they will truly cherish. We're currently in the social season when there will be numerous opportunities to give unique gifts. We'll show you how without going broke, turning into a hermit or being blacklisted.

Free & Almost Free Gifts To Give

Here at we've already highlighted some great gifts to give that are free or almost free. Be sure to check out:

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Anonymous said…
Nice post and very apt for this particular time!
Gave That said…
Thank you very much! Our 1st post in the series if Writing Letters To Your Grandchildren and then new posts will keep coming as we count down to the holidays.

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