Seeing Frida Kahlo - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

When I was reminded that an incredibly rare collection of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's works had been put together I had to drop everything and make a sojourn to Philadelphia. Now those in the San Fran CA area can catch a glimpse, now until the 28th of this month, of Frida.

When I was seeing the exhibit in Philadelphia I was somewhat surprised at the huge number of patrons who turned out to view the show and celebrate Frida's 100th birthday year. It was rather clear many had limited knowledge of Frida's works but they were immediately moved by what they found. Some were even shaken.

If you're planning on making the trek be sure to read up on Frida before you go. This will greatly put each painting into perspective. One of my favorite books, which also makes a great gift for a Fridophile is not a biography but a collection of her letters. Flipping through, The Letters of Frida Kahlo Cartas Apasionadas compiled by Martha Zamora (Chronicle Books) makes Frida human and vulnerable. Something that can quickly get lost in her movie portrayals and pictures.

Speaking of pictures, the section of the exhibit devoted to photographs of her and her friends really stole the show for me. Some were only the size of a passport photo but they were powerful and previously unseen. Bring a magnifying glass for a better experience. One last suggestion is to skip the audio tour. In order to keep things moving the tour cherry picks paintings and moves people through the exhibit too fast. I was left admiring many paintings alone as herds of people were funneled to Frida's more well known works.

The Frida Kahlo exhibit runs now through September 28th at the San Francisco CA Museum of Modern Art.

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