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John Jorgenson contacted me about spreading the word about the Beat The Heat 2 campaign over at Earthwatch. For a limited time (until October 14th 08) when you donate to this special project at the Earthwatch institute you will receive a special t-shirt and $100 off your next trip.

Along with producing drool inducing full color catalogs, which I have to admit keeping for ages, Earthwatch allows people to do so much more with their vacation time. Instead of a simple excursion you're smack in the middle of a real expedition. You work hand in hand with scientists, educators and experts in such fields as botany and archeology. Many of the trips are environmentally based and even better the fee for your trip helps keep the operations going. Trips are located world wide with many taking place right here in the US of A.

This would most certainly be a life changing gift for anyone, especially teenagers... look for special trips geared for them at the Earthwatch website.


Unknown said…
Marie - nice to meet you via Facebook, thanks for accepting the invite :) I've found you only *really* get to know a blogger once you've been to their blog ~ which looks to be the case here, you have a lot of soul in this space! What was your inspiration to create
Gave That said…
Hi there Jess! Thank you so much for coming over (yes, you're right) and leaving these very kind words. "Soul"--that means a lot to hear that word. I have a little manifesto here > but GaveThat came about this past Jan., after I heard people talking about the gifts they got compared to past years. I felt this would be a great time to get back to the spirit of giving, making connections, romance and move slightly away from all the, "buy, buy, buy". Please keep coming back and if there is anything you would like to see covered here plase let me know.

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