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magda for gift blog gave that LuShae bracelet

Well I should have known it would be too good to be true. There I was (foolishly) lurking around the jewelry counter when it caught my eye. It turned out to be one of the bracelets in the Subversive capsule collection line that I've covered before. For some reason I didn't see this bracelet when the collection originally came out and let me just say the picture online makes it look pretty generic. It's actually rather gorgeous! Here is the warning...

Do not allow this bracelet to get wet!

I learned this the hard way while I was washing my hands. Being rather big the bracelet slipped down and a few drops of water got on the silk ribbon. That's when black ink started streaming from the tips of the fabric... staining the marble sink. Furiously I scrubbed with paper towels all the while looking around and muttering come off, please come off. Thankfully it did. I then looked at my hand and noticed it was now black. I figured oh well, a little soap... well let's just say nothing would get it off. It seemed inedible. The good thing is on an artist no one would notice (join the club!) but on you, would you be pleased? I have plenty of silk that bleeds but never to this extent.

I could only imagine the mayhem caused by a little bit of spilled bubbly, the transfer to that pretty little cocktail dress or white pants, a case of where the cheap becomes expensive? Why must you be this way Target?

What ever you do be very careful when giving this as a gift, less you want people to think you're up to your old ink gum or black soap tricks.

Bracelets: Subversive by Justin Giunta Capsule Collection & LuShae
Clutch: Vintage

Image: mam for Gave That


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