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magda for gift blog gave that LuShae braceletmam for gift blog gave that gold bracelet by LuShae

Looking through the online jewelry boutique LuShae my eyes immediately fell on this gold bracelet called the Monaco Gold Cuff. From the site it looked like it might be the buttery sort of statement bangle that melds to your wrists instead of cutting into them. You know like the ones from a place starting with a "T" and ending with an "y". When it came it was exactly how I had anticipated and more, plus it looks so good with black.

Over time it's becomes more floppy for that lived in heirloom feel. Along with these pretty baubles LuShae also has a new line of promise rings, I'm talking to you significant others of the world, which have become much coveted gift wise. Take a look ASAP because they're the latest de rigeur. A big thank you to Sarah for taking the time to contact me about LuShae jewelry and to allow me to pick out a piece from their collection to show you all!

Wearing: Bracelets by LuShae and Subversive by Justin Giunta and my vintage clutch.

Image: Magda & MAM for Gave That


Anonymous said…
Wow! The model has beautiful hands! That gold bracelet is amazing and I am running out now to look for a knock off. Great ideas here for the holidays which are FAST approaching!
Gave That said…
Thank you so much for taking the time to say that here, really makes me feel good. Have to credit Magda! My hands are not a favorite of mine (smirk) but loads of cream, sunblock and Clarisonic has been a huge help. Love, love how intricate the bracelet is! -M

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