Numi Blooming Teas

numi blooming tea
I seem to have tea on the brain but I think that has a bit to do with how cold it still is here. At least there isn't any snow but...

So I present something really neat to see and drink (if you have a clear glass tea pot). They're called blooming teas by a company called Numi. In their dry state they look like dried bundles of herbs. When placed in the hot boiling water they open up into beautiful flowers flavoring and steaming away. My only concern is that they're made in China (for more on this visit this posts comments area for what Numi has to say about their tea production).

Look for the Numi organic gift set that comes with the glass tea pot and tea for a very unique house warming gift or hostess gift. Think of all the oooos and aahhsss you'd also have if you gave this to guests at your next tea party. It seems to have such a retro 70's vibe to it as well. For my further review and attempts at brewing some, see Marie Antoinette's Tea.

Image: Numi Teas

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We are so excited to see that you enjoyed our teas! Our gift sets do make for wonderful gifts. Although we did notice your concern with our flowering teas being produced in China.
Just so you know, we work closely with suppliers worldwide. We will only support suppliers who are committed to providing high quality standards, fair wages, fair and reasonable work hours, and support for the workers and their families. Our values are being carried forth in two key areas: (1) Quality Control, and (2) Fair Labor Practices.
It is our goal for Numi to be considered among the “elite” in terms of advancing quality control programs with social and sustainable values in the developing countries where tea is grown.
If you have any more questions or concerns please feel free to email us at
Gave That said…
Thank you Numi for coming by and posting more information about your company and tea production in China.

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