Rose Orange Gift Tea Blend

rose orange gift tea blend DIY
Today was one of those sunny yet brisk days that make you want to sneak outside and forage. Poking around in the garden I found a few plump rose hips still clinging on for dear life and decided to pluck them for tea. Now is the time to pick rose hips as they're easily seen on the tips of most rose branches. Filled with vitamin C, a lovely aroma and taste they make the perfect addition to tea blending.

Rose Orange Gift Tea Blend

In this tea almost all the ingredients are free so even if you're downright broke you can still come up with a nice gift idea. What you'll need:

- The zest peel of 1 or two oranges
- The zest peel of 1 lemon (optional)
- 1/2 cup rose hips
- 1/2 cup green tea leaves
- 1 or 2 drops of natural orange flavoring (optional)

Save your left over peels and gently remove the zest from the bitter white pith membrane as best as you can. This can be a tedious job but I found the scent emitted while doing this so pleasant and uplifting I don't mind a bit! Sometimes we all can use a slow down moment. After you have your zest removed, cut up the pieces into small slivers and place in your oven to dry. This usually takes about 2 days. Then simply mix with the other ingredients and if you wish, add a drop or two of natural orange extract. Place in a clean gift tin or jar and enjoy. You can also do as I've done here and place a good amount in vintage or antique tea cups, wrap them in netting and give them out one by one to guests. Tussie-Mussie by mam

Image: copyright mam Gave That 2008

For more aromatic DIY gifts be sure to read my books, Secret Potions, Elixirs & Concoctions (Lotus Press) and How Flowers Heal: The Mind, Body & Soul (Writers Club Press).


michelle said…
Can you tell me where to purchase a stapeless stapler for making tea bags that you refer to?
Gave That said…
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Gave That said…
Hi Michelle,
A link for one to buy online can be found on the actual DIY Tea Bag Tutorial page found here: .

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