Green Drinks for St. Patrick's Day

Finally some mixology around here. Yes the time of year for green drinks is nearing in the US with the coming of St. Patrick's day. An especially grand event in NYC. Now you can be one of the masses and order or bring green Guinness beer but why blend in? Why not stand out and take a few risks? Here are some well tested and true green drinks I really enjoy springing on others:

First, two items that will be your tried and true friends when it comes to emerald elixirs... green food coloring and Bailey's Irish Cream. Heed this warning though. Many green drinks include some sort of mint flavored Schnapps. While delicious be mindful not to use a heavy hand. Add too much and your drink can be overpowered and turned into a disgusting cocktail reminiscent of Scope mouthwash. Now onward...

First in the non-alcoholic drinks range we have the old standard of
Jones Green Apple soda. Bring a couple cases of these tarts and we're pretty sure you'd be able to crash almost any St. Patrick event where children abound (or where I'm at).

Green Mixed Drinks

As for those in the 21 and over set or how ever old it is in your country try these masters of mixology:

Green Pina Colada

- 1 ounce of kiwi pulp or melon liquor

- 1/2 ounce lime juice

- 1 ounce white rum (I like Bugalu with coconut)

- 4 ounces Pina Colada Mixer

- Few drops green food color (optional)

- 1 cup ice

This is pretty simple. Toss everything into a good blender and blend until smooth. Garnish with a slice of kiwi or starfruit on the rim of the glass.

An Irish Brandy Alexander

- 2 ounce brandy

- 2 ounce Irish Cream

- 1 ounce heavy cream or 1/2 cup vanilla ice cream
- 1/2 cup ice

- Few drops of green food coloring (optional)

In a blender combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into chilled glasses. Garnish with nutmeg.

Gimlet (I like mine with a touch of mint and some powdered sugar or simple syrup to cut the acid)

- 4 fresh mint leaves

- 1 ounce Rose's lime juice

- 2 ounces gin

- 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar

In a mixer bruise and crush the mint leaves. Add the rest of the ingredients and ice. Shake and strain into glasses. Garnish with a lime wheel.

The Shamrock (from the Bar Book by Mittie Hellmich see review below)

- 1 1/2 ounces Irish whiskey

- 3/4 ounces creme de menthe (I like mint Schnapps)

- 2 ounces heavy cream

- A few drops green food coloring

Shake the ingredients in a shaker and strain into ice filled tumbler glasses. Garnish with a Maraschino cherry. You can also place everything in a blender with 4 ounces of vanilla ice cream and blend until smooth.

The Book That Should Be Under Every Bar: Ultimate Bar Book - The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails by Mittie Hellmich (Chronicle Books $19.95)

When we say every, we mean every bar including the step right up and pay ones. There has been a dramatic return of interest in the old standards. In many cases these drinks require a number of ingredients, certain glasses, you know the whole reason why most bar tenders use to go to school. Nowadays many bartenders are doing it on the side and boy does it show. Ask for something like a whisky sour, which would also be really good on St. Patrick's day, and some look at you like you have 4 heads or explain we just don't make that. Unacceptable. Now with this book, which is rather low key by the way, everyone can be an expert. Nearly every drink worth making is indexed and explained in detail along with the alcohols and additives needed. With the bones in place you can feel confident enough to have an open bar at your next house party or create new signature drinks based on the classics.

For more St. Patrick's day sipping ideas check out the Food Networks St. Patrick's special in,
Irish Drink Ideas. Also check out green gin drink recipes and Simply Stated's (Hostess with the Mostess) Festive St. Patrick Day drink ideas. Oh and how about cupcakes!? Check out Big City, Little Kitchen's Guinness Cupcakes recipe.


Anonymous said…
What a breath of fresh air your website is! You have so many great gift ideas that are not only good for people but good for the environment as well. Will you be covering gifts for pets too here? I know some who enjoy dressing their dogs up. Not quite my cup of tea but perhaps something for them? Anyway, I am enjoying what you are doing. Get ready for Christmas early....right here!
Gave That said…
Thank you so much for your *very* kind words and question! You know what? I was just gathering together a big post on gifts for pet lovers that would include things to dress them up along with treats you can make at home and even perfume. Thank you for the reminder and I'll have that up shortly. Please keep coming back and leaving comments.

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