Kaleidoscope : Valentines Day Style Chocolate

A heart for your Valentine

Be sure to checnk out the 1x umruehren bitte A Heart for Your Valentine Event

Show Some LUV with Chocolate:

CandyBlog has a recap of past Valentines Day candy reviews in the, Valentines Product Roundup (AKA: Tons Of Mouth Watering Red & Pink Candy).

Whitney Matheson at Pop Candy finds a singing box of chocolates (by Whitman's, who else?) in Be Serenaded By Chocolate.

Hi + Low finds cute indi bars of Scrabble chocolate.

The Chocolate Blog reviews the much buzzed Vosges Hat Box sampler in, Vosges Exotic Chocolate.

Need a quick bring along to that party you're crashing? Cupcakes are always perfect... check out Food Buzz's recipe for Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes with Mascarpone Icing by Every Day with Rachael Ray (I'm not a big fan of hers, I know "gasp", but her recipes never seemed to come out or taste right and are filled with way too much butter... this sounds too interesting to pass up though).

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zorra said…
Thank you for mentioning my Valentine event. But I'm not Foodfreak, my blog is called 1x umruehren bitte, could you change this? Thank you!

zorra from 1x umrühren bitte aka kochtopf
Gave That said…
Thanks zorra, it's been fixed!

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