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DIY decoration projects using Chalkola chack markers on Gift Style Blog Gave That

In between a bajillion work projects (my idea of heaven!) and sitting here inhaling paint fumes I wanted to quickly show a time saver. Just as I was cleaning some brushes to start on these Halloween party pieces it dawned on me these chalk markers sent over by the kind folks at Chalkola would probably work out just as well. Now these are supposed to be used on non-porous surfaces ala Just Married scrolled on windshields and bistro sandwich boards so they can be wiped off but, for something more permanent, these have been great in place of paint. For more protection I sprayed a few coats of clear varnish on top. Oh, and they're completely scentless.
Easy to make spider webbed glass votive candle holders using chalk markers
Covering plain glass votive holders with spiders webs using white chalk makers and making signs with hand carved wooden pumpkins.

Image: mam for Gave That


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