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A new addition to the glass menagerie is this wintry perfume from <b>Vince Camuto</b>. Something elusive for the longest time now has been a good essence of winter to fall back on. Once the temperature drops under 40 f it's always been a dash for cozy<a href=
 Burberry Brit with its icy pears, amaretto and vanillic tonka but it's been over 13 years now(!), there had to be something else. So the search started.

That something new yet still similar to Brit seemed to be in the form of Flower Bomb by Viktor & Rolf which comes a close second in terms of a cool weather scent that beckons to be worn as the mercury drops. Every time I open my bottle and smell it I'm in love but on the skin, something really bad happens. Flower Bomb has the distinction of being the only scent that has turned on me with a menacing patchouli. I love patchouli and it's always been my friend but not here which is weird. In Flower Bomb it morphs into this acrid, very unpleasant thing akin to burnt myrrh or frankincense. Thoroughly unwearable but the reason I mention all this is because Vince Camuto's original perfume is so similar to Flower Bomb and it's fraternal twin, Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle, with just a hint of Boyfriend by Kate Walsh, minus the evil patchouli. If someone has had similar issues or has lusted for Flower Bomb for ages, this is the gift to give.

Its notes are even similar to Flower Bomb but not quite as sweet with Camuto having a fleeting, deeply boozy rum, osmanthus, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, leather, vanilla, amber, musk and a patchouli that behaves itself. As it wears off it becomes warmer and deeper, honeyed and resinous in the same vein as Boyfriend. Oh and that bottle!

For more thoughts on giving perfume, see my previous post here.

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