Papier d'Arménie

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Something to tuck into holiday cards are these inconspicuous little books known as Armenian Papers. When you rip out a piece, fold it accordion style and light one end you have instant winter wonderland... Christmas trees, myrrh, cedar, fireplace-esk smokiness as the incense waifs up and scents the entire room. It's magical.

The history of these little scented papers was also really fascinating once I finally found the proper name. Originally in the 16th century these were known as medicinal papers and burned to fumigate things only to slowly fall out of fashion in most areas of Europe. One area that did keep the practice alive was Armenia which used benzoin resin as the bases for theirs. If you've never sniffed benzoin, it's somewhere between vanilla, balsam and, to me, rich amber. Gorgeous, especially during colder times. Fast forward to the 1800's when Frenchman Auguste Ponsot visited Armenia and brought back to France Papier d'Arménie. Nowadays they come in all sorts of scents from rose to Copal although France seems to remain where they're the most popular. Mine are by way of Montreal Canada and only very recently have they appeared online to purchase.

Santa Maria Novella still makes some really lovely traditiomal ones or find French booklets closer to mine here.

Cards by Allie Munroe and c/o Fair Treasure

Image: mam for Gave That


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