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Story Leather Bespoke iPhone Cases
Some gifts have defied time to become go to classics... the leather wallet is one that immediately comes to mind. Handled often, in and out of pockets, really good ones get better with age and others, well just give out. Having one waiting in the wings to step in and save the day, gift wise, has long been a staple but what if it could be a little more personal? Or what if they already have a favorite bill fold that looks rather pristine? Bespoke, go bespoke and make it decadently personal.

Monogramming is but one of the options Story Leather, who created the above iPhone 5/5S cases above, offers when you actually build your own case virtually online.If you've ever fantasized about being an accessories designer here literally is your chance. Making each to order and supporting numerous phone styles, they beautifully wrap, with a dust cloth, and ship the finished case to you. They have pre-made cases too such as the luxe Napa leather Spring Creek holster or pretty mauve wallet case here but their specialty is working with you on custom pieces which takes time. 25 days with Nov. 26th being the last day to create gifts in time for Christmas!
Story Leather Phone Cases Gift Find on Gave That
Beautifully finished and crafted these cases feel so good in the hand and without doubt provide protection plus added little pockets turning them into wallets in their own right. Being able to design your own accessories like this really takes things to the next level of gifting.

Become a leather accessories designer here on their site.

Book Style Classic Leather Case & Napa Leather Spring Creek case c/o Story Leather

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