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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mujjo — The Originals Collection

Gave That Mujjo the Originals Collection Macbook Air Selleve Gift Find
Laptop + cameras + phones + tablet + earbuds = the amount of things a blogger has to take with them at all times is rather substantial. Having something break... major occupational hazard which is why it's a never ending search for protective cases and bags. One recent discovery is the Dutch made Originals Collection line by Mujjo.

For the last couple of years felt sleeves have been some of my personal favorites. Despite numerous slippages and fumbles, they always managed to keep everything crack free (keeping fingers crossed saying this here won't jinx things) so it was a given I would adore this one by Mujjo. Insanely light I love the clean lines, the surprisingly soft wool felt and tan leather flap. They call it smart couture and I couldn't agree more. So much so that I think it could double as a really cool clutch. A really great give so you can barrow it back later gift idea and a definite must for your blogger friends.

These come in all different sizes for different devices along with lots of other handcrafted gear, find them all here.

Macbook Air Sleeve c/o Mujjo

Image: mam for Gave That

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