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Two things I've been meaning to share for Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and everything in-between is this lovely new cookbook entitled in the Kitchen with David by David Venable along with something he features and collects. These Old World patterned Temp-tations cookware pieces currently in my Mum's kitchen. Some of the prettiest pie plates, pans and dishes I've encountered in a good while, they remind one of the sort you only dream about finding in antique shops and speaking of vintage. The recipes in David's book are classic comfort food perfect for all the parties coming up but with enough of a unique twist to make them unexpectedly stand out. His decadently cheesy baked macaroni with mozzarella (featured on the cover) is a perfect example, so good and so many compliments! Find both David Venable's cookbook and Temp-tation Old World collection here on QVC.
Gave That QVC Temp tations Old World Cookware for Friendsgiving
Wishing everyone a very happy and safe holidays from our kitchen to yours!

Image: mam for Gave That


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