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Halo Charger Gift Find And Review by Magda K Gave That
Recently I've been using a little charger that has gotten me out of a few tight spots called the Halo pocket power. About the size of a large tube of lip gloss, it comes with three tips, a 30 pin adopter, mini and micro USB allowing it to easily switch between my phone, tablet and camera. Being so small and light wight helps when you have to get out the door and just want to pop it in your pocket along with your nearly dead phone to use when you need it. How you charge Halo itself is through a USB port on your computer, what I like about this is that when you get back home you can simply plug it in to charge so you always have it at the ready. Plus if you have an emergency such as an ice storm complete with power outages you don't want your phone to die. Been there, done that with Hurricane Sandy!

What's not so great was when you think it's charging, it actually spontaneously turns off. That's not helpful. So pro's are that it's light weigh, small and this one actually matches my favorite bag. Now for the con's, it go's from fully charged to half in about 20 minutes and the battery isn't very big so while it will charge your phone it will also be about dead afterwards. So buy, try, don't buy? I give this a buy and a must give!

Find them here on qvc.

—Magda K.

Halo pocket charger c/o QVC

Image: mam for Gave That


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