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Gave That Chanel Pillow by Artist Gift Find
While out and about shopping last weekend we noticed all of our favorite haunts already had their holiday decorations up. It's usually during this time, in a mad dash to spruce things up and get into the spirit, that I happen to find the best treasures. This month in particular it's been a search for the perfect accent here and there. Things that I know too, if someone comments on, I can run back and get a few of the same for them as well. Something recent is a piece of art by illustrator Marley Ungaro which DiaNoche Designs turned into the pillow above. I adore Marley's take on the classic and can you ever really go wrong with Coco and Chanel N°5? Especially as a gift for the perfume obsessed.

The best part, along with discovering numerous artists which DiaNoche Designs has collaborated with, if you fall in love with one of the designs you can get it on everything they offer.  Duvet covers, iPhone cases, towels, laptop sleeves and something DiaNoche is most well known for, their illuminated art installations. Each hand produced by Rachel and Erik Mathews in their Colorado studio. Pondering how magical an illuminated Chanel N°5 would be right now actually and how it needs to be on my wish list.

See all of Marley Ungaro's art on DiaNoche Designs' site here along with over 70 other artists from around the world. Their shipping was lighting fast making this a delightful source of endless gifts this season.

PS... Use code "gavethat" for 10% off your order and Free Shipping here!

Marley Ungaro pillow c/o DiaNoche Designs
Perfumes: Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere , Lanvin Jeanne and Burberry Brit

Image: mam for Gave That


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the wonderful article about my Chanel illustration! Dianoche Designs has been really good to me and is a WONDERFUL company! Rachel and Erik are so great to work with...I can see this company growing and offering such wonderful giftware and excellent service for years to come. Thanks for sharing!! xoxo, Marley Ungaro www.mungaro.com
Gave That said…
I'm so happy to hear that Marley, they really are championing artists and making art accessible to everyone. Love your piece so much! -M

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