A Vivo Veneziane Halloween

Vivo Mask from Italy on Gift Style Blog Gave That
On the tip of everyone's tongue... I need a costume, I need it now and it has to be perfect they purrrrrr. Help me out! The season for such things really crept up on a lot of us but fortunately there is always one elegant way to fall back on. A masquerade mask! Especially when they're exquisitely detailed pieces handmade in Venice Italy. Tie one on and everything else you're wearing looks effortlessly fitting for the evenings events ahead.

This bejeweled one here by the lovely folks at Vivo, who create authentic Venetian masks for masquerade balls and carnival, inspired a few Halloween looks below on Magda. Afterwards it's going on display. It's just too beautiful to ever be put away.
Vivo MaskVivo Mask and FanVivo Mask Vivo Veneziane Mask on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Find the above Colombina Arco Strass mask in white and a beguiling number of others at the Vivo site here.

mask c/o Vivo, many thanks!

Image: mam for Gave That


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