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oNecklace Personalized Gold Necklaces Gift Find and Review on Gave ThatoNecklace on miniature dress formMy oNecklace on display on Gift Style Blog Gave That
When I opened the pretty little box I couldn't help but feel this is perfect! From the dainty box chain to the place it hits the neck... but what will always really stand out about oNecklace is their service. They made this over the weekend and it arrived within days. Now I'm thinking how neat it would be to have it say, Love or New York on it in place of a name. Something to think about for next time. Really the sky's the limit with such a keepsake gift service.

Take a look at all their offerings here including classic monograms, initial pieces and to make your own like the one above, be sure to choose the 24k Alegro style.

24k Alegro necklace c/o oNecklace, thank you so much!

Image: mam for Gave That


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