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Herban Cowboy vegan fragrances in Dusk and Flower gift find and review on Gift Style Blog Gave That
A slight obsession with fragrance is probably becoming really apparent at this point. After a dry spell over the summer I'm making up for it with find after find. This time something for you guys and a brand new counterpart from the 100% vegan line Herban Cowboy.

One of the first fragrances to be certified organic and created out of all natural ingredients I actually searched high and low for Herban Cowboy's Dusk cologne last Christmas (actually 1 day before, I know, I know but it's always worth a try) and found it sold out everywhere. Having a bottle in my hand right now totally explains why. This is really, really good! Definitely order now if you're planning to give this as a gift. Classic yet modern, fresh yet very complex Dusk has oils of lavender, bergamot, lemon, clary sage, lime and ylang ylang. It also has something peppery and spicy to it which projects something particularly woodsy. Even better the longer one wears it, the deeper and more melodic it gets.

Luke and Lisa, the founders of Herban Cowboy, were also kind enough to share with me their brand new fragrance release Blossom. This you will find to be the complete polar opposite to Dusk. They could be called man and womenBlossom, also completely natural as everything else in the Herban Cowboy line, lists pink grapefruit and orange peel as its notes. Underneath the soft, fresh citrus does seem to be the essence of a floral that becomes more and more apparent as the day lingers on. Simple, classically feminine, sunny and really lovely.

Look for the line and testers in Whole Foods and online here and here.

Dusk and Blossom fragrances c/o Herban Cowboy, thank you Luke and Lisa!

Image: mam for Gave That


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