The Purple Mermaid

The Purple Mermaid Rose Gold Monogram Necklace from Be Monogrammed on Gift Style Blog Gave That Monogram Necklace in Rose Gold by The Purple Mermaid
Finally tracked down the true source of all those beautifully scrolling cut out monogrammed necklaces encircling everyone's neck lately and had to share it here. It turns out they're an exclusive by the Cape Cod boutique I actually remember from when I last visited not long ago, The Purple Mermaid. Online they can be found both here at Be Monogrammed and here at Initial Obsession in case traveling to Massachusetts is a little ways off from now. Such a lovely gift idea that brings back a lot of happy memories, the one above is their rose gold version, something else I've only seen offered by them.

Create your own here.

Necklace: c/o The Purple Mermaid

Image: mam for Gave That


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