Brazilian Brazilets

On My Desk Brazilian Brazilets Wish Bracelet Key Chain by Liveworldly on Gift Style Blog Gave ThatBrazilian Brazilets Key Chain by Liveworldly on Gift Style Blog Gave That
A couple of years ago I remember seeing little ribbon bracelets pop up on so many wrists only to later find out they hailed from Brazil and only seemed to be sold locally. Each Brazilian Brazilet had a duel purpose of having a portion of its proceeds funding efforts to help save local rain forests. Of course I wanted one too but just like that they vanished. This actually wasn't such a bad thing as they're tied on and worn until they break and fall off. Then ones three wishes would be granted.

Fast forward to today and now I'm happily the owner of this hemsa hand key chain bursting with Brazilets after placing an order online a few days ago. Love Worldly makes a few different styles of these key chains and has since branched out to many different Brazilets and causes. Gift ideas like this feel so good to find, or in this case, rediscover. (think I'll ever misplace my keys again or loose them in my bag with this baby?!)

Find the collection here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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